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Shipping & Returns

eKeyless Remotes Return Policies


30 Day Return-- If you have opened your item and attempted to program/use the item in any way:

  • If it is determined that a customer has ordered in error (ordered for a Ford instead of Chevy, purchased wrong part number, etc) or the general reason for the return is out of the control of eKeyless Remotes (I totaled my vehicle, I sold my vehicle, I no longer need the remote, etc.), then any refund processed will be subject a 20% Restocking Fee, and will need to cover the cost for us to ship the correct remote to your location.

  • If seller is at fault (sent wrong remote, sent 1 instead of 2, etc), then eKeyless Remotes will cover the cost to ship the items as needed.


60 Day Return-- If the item you received is unopened and has not been installed:

  • Customer Error Determined-- Will be subject to charge of 20% Restocking Fee and shipping payment.

  • eKeyless Error Determined-- We will cover cost to ship item back.


***ALL exchanges could be subject to another fee if product needed is more expensive than product ordered, REGARDLESS of whose error is determined to have occurred!!***


*Determination of Error varies case by case! Please cooperate with us as much as possible to help us find a fair solution for both parties!*


Out-of-Country Shipping

 We ship to all United States locations (EXCLUDING Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Protectorates like Puerto Rico, etc.). Cost will be calculated automatically at checkout depending on what you ordered and the location to which the item is being shipped.



ALL customers ordering from outside of the United States (INCLUDING Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Protectorates like Puerto Rico, etc.) are responsible for the cost of ALL SHIPPING, as international shipping is a special request and not within our normal shipping parameters.


eKeyless Remotes, Inc. accepts ZERO responsibility for ANY out-of-country shipments damaged, lost, or delayed in transit!!! Our policy states we do NOT ship internationally, so if you request it, please know it is at your own risk!!!




Thank You for Choosing eKeyless Remotes! Happy Buying!